Compassion at Christmas

Tim and I have been involved with Compassion International for about two years now.  And while the financial support is so important for the kids, we have learned from reading stories and hearing testimonies that the most precious thing to the children is having letters from their sponsors.

There is something very special about knowing you are loved, that someone is thinking about you and taking the time to write you a letter.

But there are tons of kids without sponsors who are in the Compassion program to some degree.  And at Christmas these kids will receive gifts at the Christmas parties Compassion will hold around the globe.

They will have a gift to open, but they won’t get a card.

I think it’s hard for us, in our culture, to realize the significance of the card.  As kids we tended to open the card just for show, and so we would know who to thank after we ripped the paper off of the package. The card was incidental, a hassle, a temporary barrier between us and stuff.

But for so many children living in poverty, words of encouragement and affirmation, words of love and care may be few and far between.  I grew up among daily words of love and affirmation; words on a card just echoed what I had already heard over and over.  Many of these kids don’t have that experience.

So strange as it may seem to us, the kids who only receive gifts but no cards tend to be a little sad and disappointed at the Christmas parties. There is something special about being sponsored.

I can’t think of a better time than Christmas to sponsor a child. Imagine their joy at knowing someone from far away cares about them. It changes them.

I wish I could show you the pictures we have of Pradeep, one of our sponsored kids.  The first photo we got of him shows a little 7-year old boy, shoulders sagging, face blank. The most recent picture shows a smiling 9-year old, standing straight and tall, shoulders back, chin up.  He is a different boy.

Could you let a little guy or girl somewhere in the world know that they are important? That they are thought of? That they are loved? What a gift to give. I promise you will gain more.

But what if you really, truly cannot spare $38 a month?  Would you still help a little, if you could?
You can.

DaySpring and (in)courage are partnering to send Christmas cards to Compassion kids without sponsors in Ecuador. You can design a card, and a little person who wouldn’t receive words on that day will receive yours.  They will treasure that card.  And more importantly, they will know they are treasured.

You can design and send a card now through November 29.

I would type more, but I have a couple of letters I need to write…


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