Little Light

I have long thought that children are the best balm when you’re sad and grieving. The news from Friday knocked the stuffing out of us a little, so we soaked up the time with Sam and Charlotte this weekend.

When Charlotte first started preschool she didn’t know her letters very well and we were honestly a little worried that she might have some slight learning delays due to her time spent under anesthesia. We didn’t help matters by saddling her with such a long name! She has been brining work home with her name on it, but I know that her teacher helps her. But yesterday she proved to us that she is perfectly capable of doing her own work!


I have been trying to find some new recipes for the kids that they will eat but that are healthier than our usual fare. We have begun eating more like dinosaurs and less like cookie monsters. So far, I have been doing pretty well by Sam. Last week we tried some new waffles made with almond butter, apples and bananas. They were a hit.


Yesterday we went to a birthday party with a super hero theme. Sam dusted off his old Bumblebee costume, and C went as a warrior princess, able to knock out cyanotic heart defects with a single (or three!) blow!


We’ve been getting ready for Christmas around here.

treepicking2 IMG_9147 IMG_9160

The tree is decorated and we have wrapped a few gifts. Mostly we have been enjoying our evenings together by the light of the tree. I love coming down first thing in the morning and plugging in the tree before the kids get up. There’s something about coming downstairs to a room warmed by the light of a Christmas tree. There’s been so much darkness trying to creep in lately, I’ll take a little light wherever I can get it.


The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of the shadow of death
a light has dawned.
-Isaiah 9:2


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