Seven Years Later

Y’all. It’s heart month. The time when all the good heart mamas are posting pictures and educating like the amazing chd advocates they are.

Me? I’m watching a baby sort through the office trash.

But I know that looking back is good. Remembering God’s faithfulness is good. And reminding all the moms-to-be to get a simple test that could save their baby’s life is good.

February 20, 2008, was the day that our world was turned upside down. The day a simple anatomy scan for our baby turned into a journey we were not expecting.

Today, I’m trying to teach that baby girl how to read. She’s as stubborn as she was the day she propelled herself from my body in a blaze of glory. The HLHS didn’t kill us, but discerning the subtle differences between “b” and “d” may just finish us off.

It’s been seven years since we first found out, four years since her last surgery, and a mere 12 minutes since she knocked me out with her quick wit and sassy beauty.

Are y’all tired of me saying it yet?
Streams of mercy, never ceasing, call for songs of loudest praise. 




Tomorrow, Tomorrow…

BG (that’s “Baby Girl” for you newcomers) has her first day of preschool tomorrow. She only goes for an hour and a half, so it shouldn’t be too traumatic for either of us.

We had a fun day today.

We went to a creamery where the cows are right behind the ice cream store. You know that is fresh ice cream. It even comes with its own cow smell…

I took some of my favorite pictures ever today, but these will have to tide you over. I am working on editing and putting together a little surprise for a certain Papa who is enamored with both John Deere tractors and a little girl named Charlotte.

I hope your long weekend was great, and I will be sure to check in tomorrow with pictures and tales of preschool!

Dear HLHS,

I am sorry to tell you that with every passing day it becomes more and more clear that we won.

You gave it your best shot, but you failed.


And my girl is gonna add insult to injury in two weeks when she puts on her new shoes.


Charlotte’s Mama

My Girl

Yesterday I cleaned up my baby girl. She had been playing so hard all day with family and she was covered in food, milk and dirt. I actually had to dig dirt out from under her nails which was kinda gross but also kinda cool because it meant she had been outside having fun.

But then she was so clean and purty I had to dress her up today. We had people to love on!

And since she was dressed up you know I had to take pictures.





The Princess

Someone woke up at 4am, then again at 5:30.

She never went back to sleep.

Needless to say, she and Mama are both a little grouchy.

My mood did lift a little when she came outside this morning with me to let Duke commune with nature.

She dressed herself.

I sure do love that girl, even when she is a hot cranky mess.

Extraordinarily Ordinary

We went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon.

Charlotte played and played and played and played.

And not once did we hear even a hint of panting.

She wasn’t tired or worn out.

She didn’t turn blue.

Just pink, sweaty and happy.

She’s outside playing with the dog while Sam and Tim wash the truck.

It is a completely ordinary day with an extraordinarily ordinary little girl.


The Heart Walk

Yesterday the four MD Touseys joined in our first walk to raise money for congenital heart defects.

The money goes to support research which is still very lacking in some ways in terms of diagnosing and treating CHDs. CHDs kill more babies and children every year than all childhood cancers combined, but there is still such a lack of funding for CHDs. There is no St. Jude’s for CHDs.

I was reminded of the importance of funding and research yesterday as two moms stood at the microphone and shared how their babies had died at 12 days old and 28 days old, respectively, both from HLHS.

I admired their strength so much. I wondered if I would want to be anywhere near a heart walk, around all the other parents who got to keep their children. I hope I would be like them, working through my grief to make sure no other mama had to pick up a button like this at a heart walk.

I am so thankful that we only had to pick up an “I am a CHD survivor” button for our little warrior princess.

She wears it well.

Thank you all so much for giving. You don’t know how much it means to me that you would give your money to help fund research for CHDs. Tim and I are just overwhelmed at the giving.

We ended up with $2,009 for Team Charlotte, and I was the second-highest overall individual fundraiser. That was no credit to me; it was all because of you.  All total, the DC Heart Walk raised close to $67,000 for research! Y’all, that is amazing.

A fun part of the day was meeting some other heart moms that I had only “met” online before. We were supposed to be walking with my friend Bethany and her family, but her baby boy was sick. We did get to meet up with her girls and her mom, and I always love it when our kids get together.

I will never be able to thank you enough. We are beyond blessed by your generosity and love.




24 Hours

Charlotte and I rolled out of Frederick a little before 6pm last night and arrived back home around 7pm tonight.

In between we noshed at Panera, crashed at Aunt Steph’s house, spent about 8 minutes with Dr. M, picked up Krispy Kreme and took those to Aunt Steph’s office, made a quick trip to H&M, late lunch at Wendy’s, a trip through the drive-through at Starbucks and then we partook in that daily rite of passage that comes with living in the vicinity of DC; we sat in the parking lot that is 95 in the afternoon around our nation’s capital.

Are you tired? ‘Cause I’m tired. I got a big coffee at KK and a second at Starbucks and it still wasn’t enough.

Oh you want to know about the veryshort visit with Dr. M! He was very pleased with Charlotte’s recovery. Her sats were 92 (holler!) and he took her off the lasix. He also said she is free to resume normal activities. She can even get her ears pierced now! Ha ha.

Thanks for the continued prayers. Charlotte is doing great and we don’t have to see Dr. M for three months!

I am going to crawl in my bed now before I pass out on the couch.